My dreams are full of missed deadlines

One of the problems of retirement is I'm out of the habit of having looming deadlines.  I used to get up at 6:30, ride my bike 20 miles, take a shower, have some breakfast and eat my morning frog before opening the doors of the business at 9.  This was repeated every weekday (I finally put my foot down and closed the business on weekends).  I was done with anything important long before lunch and then just kind of cruised after that to the business close at 6.

The daily requirements were piled so high that if I slowed a bit they would be over my head but my ADHD side was in heaven.  It was a weird kind of happy but it did work for me.

Then I stopped.  Now I revel in looking at my empty schedule.  Zoe still gets me up at 7 (somehow that girl has a damn watch... wakes me up at 7 and then later in the day finds me wherever I am to tell me it is 3 o'clock and time for dinner) and makes me take her for our mourning trail walk.  But we're back before 8:30 and most days I'm done for the day with only the weather to worry about.


Tomorrow I've got to take her a couple of hours down the road, be there by 9, and try to collect urine and feces from her within an hour of arrival.  And to raise the level of stress I've gotten a reminder nearly every day that I've got to respond to or the appointment will be cancelled.  I'm guessing they have had some flakes.  The event has worked its way into my dreams.  I'm out of practice dealing with required events, with people's expectations.  It is annoying and screwing up my sleep.

Plus I just realized we're driving east into the sunrise so add to the fact I'm going somewhere I've not been before, on a schedule, and driving into the sun with morning school traffic.  UGH.  The things I do for canine science. 


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