So hard to keep skipping these games

Austin FC is our local soccer team.  First year.  The team is in the cellar with their ranking but the stadium and fans are quickly becoming famous for their 90 minutes of chanting and singing and drum banging.  They are loud and they travel.  The team is starting to pick up and they absolutely respond to the fans.  If they lose they feel like they've let down their supporters and try that much harder next time.  It is nothing like the NFL prima donnas.  This is up close and personal.

Last night we won.  Two of the most recent additions to the team each scored a goal.  Both of them are 21 years old.  The stadium was insane.

A small idea of what it looks like
A small idea of what it looks like

I suspect they stayed a long time after the game, banging on the drums and singing.  The players didn't go into the locker room for interviews.  They stayed on the field and helped bang the drums.  

I've seen every game but never in person.  This is not one of those places where masks might be around and our governor ensures every group of 10 has three or four who are not vaccinated.  So, no in person for me.  But it is tempting. 


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