We made it

I'm sitting in a parking lot somewhere in college station having dropped Zoe off with four women who are going to take care of her for the next 3 hours. She will be suffering from overbearing attention I suspect. She's going to get EKG and and all kinds of blood tests and poked and prodded and loved on and she will be completely traumatized by the time I get her back around noon. Meanwhile I'm headed to a local coffee shop for some pastry and coffee where I can read for a little while and just hang out and wait for them to be done.
The drive down here was uneventful although driving on a dark unfamiliar two lane road at 75 mph ( which means we pass cars at 130 mph 5 ft away ) at 7:00 in the morning was a little harrowing. Fortunately I'm in Dana's RAV4 not in my smart car. Sometimes it's nice to have cruise control and lots more metal.
Will be back home around 2:00 or so and Zoe and I can take a serious nap. Looking forward to it.


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