Generally a success

Now I know where the place is, what it is, and how to get there it won't be such a stress.  For me.  Zoe was not a happy camper.  Two hours in the car is not great for her.  Seeing a vet is worse.  She has developed a lot of vet anxiety so first of all would not pee.  The entire day.  I tried and they tried and she DID NOT until she came home.  Plus she was just shaking.  She does this now with any vet.  So they could not get her echo cardiogram complete and could not get a urine sample.  

But otherwise she is apparently in good shape pending the blood sample analysis.  

We had a discussion and they suggested I get with our usual vet and get her a trazadone prescription so we can zone her out before vet visits.  I like the idea.  I've hated taking her to the vet for a long time as she just trembles and sheds the whole time.  No way to calm her down.  

So we're going to see about some doggie downers and resked the echocardiogram.  

Meanwhile I think she's going to be good for the trial unless they find something in her blood.  

And now she's eaten and peed and had a lot of water and is sound asleep on my office floor.

Tough day for her but I got a free t-shirt!


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