Near 90 degrees and I'm planning for the freeze

I'm not sure what kicked it off but I started thinking again about preparing for this winter.  No reason to believe it will follow last year's pattern but it would be nice to be a little more prepared.  So it is near 90 (32) degrees out and I'm preparing for a frozen power outage.  Makes sense.

It is funny to zoom around the sites looking at end of the world prep.  Fortunately there are some sensible sites (including a decent discussion on the Univ of Georgia site) including FEMA.  Who would have thought they might have a plan?  "Brownie's doing a great job."

So easy to fall into the prepare for a month, have supplies for a year, end of the world!!  What a great money maker.

Ultimately I'm packing in a bunch of water.  I'm storing four 2.5 gallon containers of water and a field filter.  That was the biggest issue we had.  Soon as electric goes down the water is no good.  But 10 gallons plus a way to make more is pretty good.  Five days worth and the ability to make more.  

And I'm going to shop for canned stuff we will actually eat once it is time to cycle it and renew the stash.  And jerky.  And peanut butter.  And crackers.  Oatmeal and long storage milk.  

I've got my eye on a camp stove even though we had gas.  They are cheap and easy to store and use and it would really suck to not have coffee because I hadn't spent the $50 for one.  

But what fun finding stuff I don't need.  There is so much of it. 


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