The damage done

Well, the markets are closed and the September financials are in concrete so I collected the numbers and have lost about $3k during the month.  All of it in stocks. That's the bad news.  

The good news is that I broke even on cash flow, or nearly so.  Without really focusing on saving money we spent $39.90 more than we took in.  Part of that is from oil.  Dana is an oil baroness.  A year  or two ago we were averaging $300 a month in oil revenues from the miniscule percentages she inherited.  That is money before taxes so it is really about $275 a month.  But as gas prices go up, so do oil revenues.  We are inflation proof with our gas which is kind of nice but more nice is this month's revenue which was $629.  About the same as last month.

Now if we can get the stock market to cooperate we'll get that net worth back to where it should be.  September is over.  The finance bills are going through.  Money is rolling.  Infrastructure will be stronger, long term growth will be better.  Now we've had a correction it is time to return to the growth.

Note to self.  Don't invest more money just before September.  Not a winner.


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