Still in the study

Just got a call from the Dog Aging Project.  They had to make a decision about whether to allow the test subjects, AKA Zoe, to be on Trazadone during testing.  They decided that it would not screw up their findings as long as she is on the same amount for every monitoring session.  

I've got the doggie downers and another appointment for a redo in November.  I told them I'd run a test so I'm going to drug the girl and take her to the vet without actually seeing the vet (they let us in the lobby now).  Pretty sure I can tell how she is doing and what dosage she needs.  I might have to test more than once but I really don't want to waste the project resources if she can't do all the monitoring they need.  

On the bright side they have adjusted their protocol now so other dogs in the program who might have a similar issue can have their downers too.  

Meanwhile, I got back in email what is a very thorough physical minus the completed echo-cardiogram and urinalysis and she's in good shape.  Very good news.  I've got the same sort of physical next week so hopefully will have similar results (I only need the drugs when someone says MRI or CT).

Her response?  Steal my reading chair again soon as I got up.  She's the queen of the study and needs her own chair long as it is mine.


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