Slowly, slowly catchy monkey

One of my favorite British idioms.  It sounds vaguely racist but it also applies here.  I lost 8 or so pounds immediately mostly due to lots of water ingestion and reporting everything I ate.  Then it leveled off.   

Flat enough to be a plate of pastry
Flat enough to be a plate of pastry

The thing with Noom is, ultimately, is isn't a diet.  South Beach is a diet.  MetaFast is a diet.  Weight Watchers (aka WW) is a diet.  This is a way of thinking, a way of moving sand one grain at a time back to where it should be to balance the scales.  It is a mediocre app with a sometimes questionable database of caloric and exercise measurements.  But what it excels at is a very slow, fairly well executed, course in nutrition and psychology delivered in 10 to 15 minute segments every day with the intent of changing the game entirely.  

So, not just more protein.  Not just more or fewer carbs or this bean or that rice.  Eat it all!  But with intent and presence and understanding of the trade-offs.  

My attitude has gone good to bad to frustrated to happy. I'm fairly sure I'll end up where I need to be, below 200.  But more so I suspect that I'll stay there.  The nice thing about hitting a plateau is that I know what it takes to maintain a weight.  I just need to get to the one I want.

No quick fix.  No magic pill.  Just an incremental change to daily life.  Slowly, slowly catchee monkey.


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