Doc days

I went to see my Internist today for the annual Medicare requirement.  He's fine.  A little addlepated but healthy.  Oh, yeah, me too.  Cardiologist next on Thursday.  She how she's doing. 

Meanwhile, long as I'm filling myself with satan's shots I made an appointment for my booster.  It is two days before my six months but I guess they can't count so I'm getting it out of the way in an hour or so.

Did the flu shot last week (extra hefty for us old people) and Covid booster this week.  I'm feeling fairly safe.  

Got all my blood tests back and, sure enough, the side benefits of Noom are showing up.  Everything is back towards normal after having wandered into red territory during the past year or so.  I've been a little concerned about plaque build up (not the teeth version but the artery version) so getting my levels where they should be will hopefully stave off dementia and keep me on the bike for a while longer.

So happy and healthy.  These are the salad days.

BTW, I never understood that expression but since I'm on Noom these really are the salad days so I guess it works.


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