Need for speed

I don't need speed but one mush use what titles are obvious.

We're slowly getting 5G around here and since I've got a 5G happy phone now I've been wondering.  Of course, we don't have it HERE.  We barely have any G's at the house.  But eventually it will get here.  We have HEB so civilization has found us.

But I was at CVS getting the chip replaced in my arm and they did have 5G.  So I did a speed test:

5g on my 5a phone
5g on my 5a phone

And at home on the Spectrum network?

At home speed
At home speed

Close enough to not matter on the download and upload (which I don't much need) it is not even close.

T-Mobile is going to be offering a new package eventually.  Your house on T-Mobile 5G.  I signed up to be notified when it is available.  The attraction?  About a third less than I'm paying now for phone and Internet.  And, apparently, the speed is comparable.  

I've long known why the companies are so excited about 5G.  It is interesting to see it in person.


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