Paying attention

I didn't ride my bike yesterday so I felt obligated to today and did.  But I cut what is usually more than an hour short just not feeling it.

Then I thought about why.  I was up late last night helping my son's Red Sox win their game against the Yankees.  Turns out they didn't need help but he's the nervous type and likely had money on the game and it was the Yankees in post season so I stayed to the end.  I've discovered in the recent past that an hour or so later to bed makes a much bigger difference to me now than it used to.  Or I just notice it more since I'm not hung over in the mornings.

And I got my booster shot yesterday.  I can hardly feel the tenderness and actually had forgotten about it entirely until one of my survey apps asked how I was feeling day after getting the shot.


So, let's add that up.  68 year old a day after receiving a vaccine and on less than normal sleep feels too tired to complete an hour long bike ride in the 85+ degree sun.

Three years ago when I had my hip replaced I walked too far one day and, of course, had to return the journey.  It set my rehab back a week.  In the big picture it was no big deal but I remember thinking 'so this is what they mean when they say to pay attention to your body'.  Not a natural thing for me.

Just got back up from a great nap, thank you very much.  I don't feel guilty over having a shorter bike ride and I feel great right now.  So back on track and a lesson relearned.  Apparently I'm not bullet proof.  So weird.  


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