Medical weeks

After flu shots and Covid booster and annual physical and cardiologist visit (lowering my medication intake so I guess that is good) Dana had a bladder biopsy that her doc says likely will come back negative.  He was very optimistic so I'm thinking it is a nothing deal.  He was erring on the side of biopsy as she is a prior smoker and bladder cancer is one of those smoking things.  All went well (general anesthesia but a light touch) but she's got a weekend of catheter to give her bladder a couple of days to chill out, a bladder vacation as it were.  So we're not moving around much.  She has her 'purse' with her all the time.  I had a time yesterday getting her a Monday morning catheter removal appointment but was relentless and she's going in at 8:20.  Ten minutes later I'm due down the road at a different clinic to get my pre-surgery Covid test.

I'm focused on getting my shoulder done on Wednesday.  Last chance to ride my bike for a while.  Dana will be all better by then and we'll trade places.  It is nice to have someone to swap out caretaker roles with.  Once we get through this month and I get done with PT I'll be done with medical for a while.  Likely six months until my next cardiologist appointment.  

It is not enough to be dangerous but I can tell the difference in how medical is run now.  They are really thin on people and it shows.  I try not to be too much of a jerk about it but I'm definitely paying attention and being forceful to get things done.  Probably for the better anyway.  But the facilities are not what they were pre-covid.  It will be a long time before they return to their best level of efficiency.  


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