Last two handed typing for a bit

The pre-surgery people called to tell me what to do and what not to do for tomorrow.  Not much has changed.  The Covid level has gone down considerably around here so I feel like the timing is good and I don't feel like I'm sucking resources that the hospital needs.  Actually I'm contributing to the hospital bottom line.  This kind of thing is a money maker for them.  Controllable, predictable, efficient and the pay out is routine.  I do not expect it to cost me anything.  Between my veteran insurance and Medicare it should be covered.

I had a nice bike ride yesterday.  It is a rainy day.  I'd normally not care but I don't want to take a chance and have a slippery wheel knock me off my game.  So yesterday will be my last ride for a bit. One of the reasons I'm getting the shoulder fixed is that upper body is critical to my cycling.  Since I'm not a waif like the TdeF riders, I've got some pressure on my wrists and arms and shoulders holding up my torso as I ride.  No way around it, I'm just a big boy.  It is not too much of a problem but my left shoulder ends up hurting a lot.  I've got pieces of bone floating around and a joint that is bone on bone so we're going to fix all that.  My guess is six months before I'm 100% but I should be able to ride again after three.  They say I can do a stationary bike within a couple of weeks (seems a little soon but I'll be restless) but they don't want me falling.  So I'll be walking more.  Zoe will be happy.

It will be nice to have two good shoulders again.  

I've got a good book on Kindle "Forget the Alamo" and on my phone audio "The Last Hunt" Deon Meyer (Bennie Griesel).  Heaven forbid I should have a moment of boredom.  I'm mostly getting the message they want me overnight.  I'm sure I'll be ready to leave tomorrow but I suspect they will trick me into staying.  They have the good drugs there anyway.


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