Waiting for breakfast

All is well. I'm waiting for food. Last time I ate anything other than broth was 36 or so hours ago. The Noom plus program.

The pain block has reduced a bit on it's schedule or whatever it does so my shoulder is achy. They initially gave me some oxycodone and then now are just giving me extra strength Tylenol. Not sure where that's going to go I do know that before I can do any physical therapy I will need hydrocodone and oxycodone some kind of one of those photos. But I'm not really in any pain of course I'm also not moving so we'll see how long that lasts.

Otherwise I'm okay just trying to hang out here waiting for the PT people I suspect. Once I see them and I guess the doctor who I've never seen since surgery come by I'll break out of here. Almost positive I'm heading home today which is fine with me and Zoe.

Meanwhile, breakfast came. I'm trying not to stuff it all in my mouth at one time. So nice to have a whole food and coffee.



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