I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

One day to the next

So yesterday I get an email from my bank saying they've put $1600+ on hold on my company's checking account.  No explanation.  I called the bank this morning and was told that the IRS had put a hold on it.

Oh.  Very nice.

Spend 4 hours this morning in 4 phone calls with IRS (their computers were running slowly today.. what a surprise) talking first to the people who do the holds, then the business payroll tax specialist, then to the people who do the holds one of whom gave me a hard time and hung up on me.. another 15 minute hold for another agent.  Seems one of my payroll forms from 2nd Q last year was filed under the wrong company (I have more than one company).  So one company had an excess amount in the account and one had a form but was underpaid. They had no problem with the excess amount, never volunteering to send it back or letting me know that there even was an excess amount. But needless to say they did not want me owing me them money. No sense of humor about that at all.

I got a copy of the appropriate form that had been sent out and the form was correct.  Finally found someone there who was helpful, signed up for a trial Internet fax service since I don't do fax and the government does not do email, faxed the form.. and what do you know?  All better.  We'll release the hold.  

Then two hours later I get a random check refund from a closing on one of the loans on my building for $444. 

Ah, plus or minus $2K.. who cares.  Just another day.

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