I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

 So I take this same walk nearly every day.  Exactly the same walk with the same two dogs (since Bella is flagging some}.  But, of course, it is never the same walk.  Started out a couple of years ago with dense underbrush and small hills to climb up and down.  Last year in the summer I got the idea of mowing a path.  So I put my mower in the truck and drover over and mowed a path through the underbrush.  It was quite nice.  Turns out a lot of others liked it too.
Then progress.  They plowed down the whole thing, trees and all making an access road for the back of the development.  Soon enough I will have lost my off leash park.
But for now it is ours.  Some days we meet other dogs (people actually walk through this open space with their dogs on a leash????) most days it is empty.  Winter it is stark.  Now is wild flower season.  Then weed season.  Then probably grass fire season.
Once I saw a Diamondback rattlesnake coiled up and raised up just like in every western I've ever seen.  He was about 15' away and was a big old cuss.  It was all good.  I would have stayed and chatted with him but the dogs were there and off leash and I didn't want them to get close.  They have rattlesnake shots.  I don't.  But still.  He was quite lovely.  I have a great relationship with snakes.  We are respectful of each other.  I think people that are terrified of snakes draw them in.  I hardly ever see one.  This was my first for sure killer snake.  We just stuck our tongues out at each other and parted ways.
Today we had something different.  A dirt bike and a 3 wheeler were going up and down the embankment next to the cleared out road doing what they do.  I was annoyed by the noise, of course.  My idea of cycling is a lot quieter.  But the kids stayed away as we passed.  The dogs were not overly spooked since I was not so we passed much like us and the snake.  Each with some respect for the other while still doing our thing.
Nice cool walk.  There won't be many of those and then there won't be any for a long time.

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