I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

The walk

After missing their evening walk yesterday I thought I'd be nice and take the dogs out for a morning walk.  A little over 60 degrees my sweatshirt was barely enough.  Lovely morning.  Listening to a This American Life podcast.  Clear sky with the sun just over the horizon at the end.  One kid running to the school bus stop got the dogs worked up a bit.  Running children = not good.  But they will always jump to my command and I walked them away.  They would not have hurt the kid but the growling would have or should have scared him.

Recovering from the late night at the concert.  Lost a couple of hours sleep from what I'm used to.  Music was pretty good.  The drummer, only original member of the band, is 70.  He brings along a drummer in his 20's to do the heavy lifting.  Moody Blues is so much about percussion that the two of them were needed to make it work.  Which they did.  Paul McCartney had a drummer that was like this guy but maybe even more so.  Really loving the work, the performance, the music most of which was written before they were born.  But the energy and pure enjoyment of they performance moves the music to a higher performing plain.  In both cases I spend more time watching the drummer than anything else.  It was fun to see a group that had been around as long as I've listened to music.  And the regression in my mind reliving my life when I first heard that life sound track.  The gold standard will always be McCartney who had the entire Beatles list of songs from which to choose and who created goose bumps and tears from a hall that probably had 20,000 people in it.  Tough to beat that.  Moody Blues did well, though, and it was fun, and we had a good time with a couple our age who we invited. 

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