I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Canine Patrol

Zoe came in the room and informed me that it was time for a walk.  She's got that part of the language figured out.  I can sometimes put her off but she comes back in 15 minutes or so and explains it again.

Beautiful morning.  Overcast and fairly cool.  We're in a drought that is likely to last all summer and be mean so an overcast day is something to enjoy and be grateful for.  For which to be grateful.  Zoe will probably read this when she gets older.  I want her to know I have some knowledge of grammar.  Just choose not to exercise it.

A quiet Saturday morning in the neighborhood.   Just a few cars heading out at double the reasonable speed.  In a hurry to get to their fishing spot before it dries up.  

I'm not likely to go into the shop today but there is always the hazard that I may anyway.  Tomorrow is a bust.  Dana invited family over. Third weekend we've either had someone over or we've met someone.  I'm missing the opportunity for two days without anyone.  I need a better cave.  Everyone knows where this one is.

We let our part time worker bee go yesterday.  Not a huge dramatic scene.  I managed to find a way for her to maintain dignity without compromising mine.  Told her the partial truth that we wanted someone on the desk who had the ability to work into more technical work.  She was able to hang onto that and really, I think, was grateful to leave.  Not overly happy with the job.

So we have lost someone who can answer the phone for the first four hours in the morning.  I think we're going to have to fill it but I'm not in a hurry yet. 
I had a funny thought the other day during a conversation about my not being able to look at the business and be proud of it.  I realized that part of the problem is perspective.  When I look at a business of any kind I see an entity.  A whole being, quantifiable in time and space.  A snapshot from my mind's camera.  When I  see my business I see a process.  I see the next problem, the unfinished work, all the little things from dirt in the corner to the bills almost due to pc's that we can't figure out.  I see an ongoing process, not an entity.  It is very difficult to stop, take a picture and evaluate it.  Or appreciate it.  

One of my business coaches told me that I was in a position now that people looked up to me and I had the mantle of successful businessman and that I should be aware of it and the effect that aura had on others.  And that being able to appreciate what I had accomplished was critical to positive leadership.  

I think I'll take a nap today.


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