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Chase charging to make change

Since this goes out on Twitter and Facebook I thought I'd see if the Chase crawlers are paying attention.  As part of my business I sometimes need to get change.  It amounts to giving me a couple of twenties, tens, fives and ones for a hundred dollar bill.  I'm not talking about stacks of banded ones.  We only carry a couple of hundred in cash at the store anyway since nearly everyone pays check of credit card.  This request for change happens less than 10 times a year.  Chump change as it were.

We just got charged $1.50 for the priviledge of breaking a hundred with a local Chase branch!  It appeared in our download and I called to find out what it was.  My thought was that someone had our debit card number and was testing to see if we were paying attention before running the big charges.  Turned out to be a worse thief than that.  When they told me what the charge was for I kind of went through the roof and they said they would refund it and it was a mistake.  That only companies with large change requests end up with this charge.

I'm thinking that every time congress squeezes one piece of the bank charges marshmellow another one will pop out.  Take the option to charge merchants an exorbitant fee for debit transactions and I bet they start charging the customer who makes the transaction.

Watch those charges


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