I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Watching my mind work - not always pretty

My wife, Dana, and I are watching the two dogs of a friend of ours.  It is a couple. She has cancer and has to be in Houston.  He is with her most of the time.  We go over morning and evening and feed the dogs.  This is not a chore.  I love dogs and these two are, as you might expect, very happy to have someone show up at their door and give them food and cookies.

But they have a pool surrounded by trees and it is always fall around here.  Leaves everywhere especially in the pool.  While I'm visiting the dogs I mess with the skimmer some and get out the worst of it.  In the back of my mind where the child lives I'm thinking that I'm a wonderful person here taking care of the dogs and cleaning the pool.  No one is watching so I get double points. Our friend will be so pleased to get home and see his mostly clean pool and he'll realize without my telling him how wonderful a person I am.

I happened to exchange texts with my friend a couple of weeks ago and he remarked on how nice it was that this year resulted in so few leaves falling into his pool that he hardly had to clean at all.


I still clean the leaves out of the pool knowing that it will go unremarked upon.  And I laugh at myself a lot when I'm doing it.  I think the dogs are chuckling a bit too.

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