I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Looks like a successful hiring

Not a great experience, as usual, but I think we ended up with a gem.  While he didn't pick up on my easter egg in the job description he was in good company.  Only one of 30+ saw the direction to include the word Orange in their application note.  At least he did not claim to have 'attention to detail'.  And he's young.  My last hire was 19.  This one is approaching 19.  My sister agrees that he looks like a young Bill Gates.  An oddly mellow kind of demeanor for a computer guy.  Not a lot of experience but he and his father have worked on PC repair some and he is an online gamer. That is actually a big step up as it usually requires some knowledge of hardware and networking.  The people who we've hired that have not worked out are typically doing other things at home. The one exception to the rule is my stellar Service Manager who has several other lives outside of work none of which have anything to do with computers.

We're all ready to have an addition to the business.  While I like not having another person on the payroll when I dole out the money it has been hard on the two who are here.  They have bene stretched thin and our quality has suffered some.  We'll spin this new guy up, get him on site by himself in probably 6 weeks, and it will be a different world.  I'll be able to focus more on marketing and my two more senior people will be able to delve further into the tech stuff following up on the little threads that are loose in our business weave.

It will also allow me to take a day off for no good reason in the middle of the week, something I've not done in a long time.  I'm really bad at that and need to practice.  

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