Bill Schubert (bill_schubert) wrote,
Bill Schubert

I've thought about it and just can't

I feel like listening to the State of the Union is an obligation but I just can't do it.  I promise to read multiple sources tomorrow but I can not subject my psyche to an hour of DT.  Eight years of W was enough.  Molly Ivan's Shrub is now becoming a wise elder statesman which gives one an idea of our current situation.

Part of the problem is that I would be watching with someone who can not keep from reacting with explosive breath to every idiotic line said by our Commander in Chief.  And, of course, the idiotic lines are so frequent it is like sitting next to a freight train.

But even alone I can not subject myself to an hour of self serving nationalistic, narcissistic tripe the gist of which makes Lee Greenwood seem anti-American and an intellectual marvel.

So I'll just take my elitist self to the recorded first of two nights of The Voice and bathe myself in treacle.  
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