Bill Schubert (bill_schubert) wrote,
Bill Schubert

Forgot to enter my Saturday fun

This past Saturday morning started out with a water leak in our front yard.  Turns out it had been seeping water and money for a while.  No telling how long.  Then the front tire of my Smart Car was going flat.  A screw.  And Dana, my wife, had lost her phone (a much more traumatic event than it would have been only a couple of years ago).

By the end of the day I was clean of the mud generated as I dug up the pipe causing the leak (after which I got my plumber to come out and replace the faulty section... I can dig but don't even try to plumb), my Smart Car was back home with a plug in the tire freely fixed by Discount Tire (my favorite ever tire store) and Dana's phone was safely back in her posession after I found it at the house of the people whose dog's were minding.

All in all a successful Saturday beating back the winds of entropy, which is, in the end, all we ever do.
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