Bill Schubert (bill_schubert) wrote,
Bill Schubert

Hardly ever happens

I have a pretty wide tolerance for audio books.  They are free to me through the library and I use them for escape listening to them on my bike and/or at bed time.  My hopes rose when I saw nearly every book of a 10 book series by J.A.Jance called the Joanna Brady series (I mostly read mysteries - who dun its).  I made it nearly half an hour into the book hoping beyond hope that it might become tolerable.  But it was not to be.  The combination of characters whose reactions to events made no sense and a whiny kid were bad enough but the audio production values and the reader were the worst I've ever heard.  Mispronounced words compounded by random breaths in the middle of a word made it nearly comedic.

Sigh.  It is nearly impossible to find a complete series of good audio books and this one is no exception.

Back to the book shelf.
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