I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

I think I've set up my day well

I didn't go for a bicycle ride this morning.  My logic, other than laziness, is that I'll run away this afternoon.  It is looking like a good day for it.  One tech gone all day but the other two are here which means if one is called out the other will still be covering.  So I'm thinking about breaking away around 2 or so and riding then.  It is always something I enjoy and despite feeling guilty for playing while my crew works they seem to think it is a good idea so I try to ignore my feelings about it.

I'm slightly ahead for the month.  The April newsletter is getting cleaned up completed a week early.  Preps for a presentation at the local Sun City computer club are about half done with two weeks to go and our business finances are about under control for the moment.  A perfect time to run away.

We have a huge job we've been offered by one of our contract clients, a local high end bowling alley.  They were given an opportunity by Brunswick to install a neww ordering system so their staff can walk around with tablets.  The offer came with strings.  The company who was going to design and install the wireless system insisted on complete control post installation (something I probably would have insisted on also).  The owner of the alley talked to me and then told them no.  He refused to do it unless we retained access to the network.  It was a huge vote of confidence in our company that he backed up by telling us to design and install the networking ourselves, an opportunity to provide a showplace for Brunswick.  On the one hand I was honored by the confidence.  On the other, we're on the line to do it right and to make a presentable document once it is done.  The first part is something we can do, the second much more difficult.  The challenge is in our sweet spot in a lot of ways but it is a reach.  Just when I was enjoying my complacency.

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