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Were it not for my sister

I'm on LJ as an additional connection with my sister.  It is a good one.  LJ allows me to ramble in a manner that I do not elsewhere.  Some of it is part of an ongoing nearly daily conversation with my sister and much of it is an ongoing conversation with myself.  Once I heard a writer say that he did not know the answer to a question as he had not yet written about it.  I'm the same.  It is mostly buzzy noise until I need to articulate.  As I'm not much of a social butterfly I don't discuss much with anyone other than my wife so I seldom know what I think.  LJ makes me articulate and I discover all kinds of things I didn't know I thought.

Signing the EULA definitely gave me pause, though.  Much of my interface with the world is G+ and LJ, meaning very little.  Even at that I fear this is me: Thank you Scott (and as a completely random appellation, Louis CK really upped the SNL crew's game).  Hanging up my LJ on principle would not help anyone.  Even starting a movement that reduced LJ to rubble would be pointless. But neither can I let it pass.  The Internet is such a dual edged sword. On the one hand it is a megaphone for gas attack victims and Pussy Riot, on the other hand it is a record for the police and their state. But imposed silence is worse than even an fractured megaphone.  The EULA terms that can only be described as draconian is clearly a direct attack on the personal freedom for the minorities deemed to be immoral in socially third world societies such as Russia.

My promise to LJ is that should I find a venue to resist I will do so.  A way to effectively add my voice to the protest over LGBT subjugation I will add it.

Meanwhile I'll continue to use their site as a way to figure out what the hell I'm thinking about.  And, maybe, if I'm lucky I'll get banned.

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