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OK, even I think my day is weird

Easter Sunday.  Don't get me started on that.

We pick up feeding the friend who has cancer's dogs today, probably for a week or so.  I'm out after getting up to feed them and let them out.  The friend's sister had spent a week or so at the house so some things had changed.  One of them is that the swimming pool. is now cleaned by a service (ie - someone who knows that they are doing).  So the pool looks inviting.  I think I'll come back and test it out.  So I turned on the water heater (74 degrees is too cold for fun) and plan to come back.  Dogs are fine and fed.
On the way I snack on this chocolate Nutrisystem breakfast muffin.  I'm not big on chocolate for breakfast.  I can live with it but not my favorite (exempting, of course, chocolate covered doughnuts which are part of the reason for Nutrisystem, I guess).  Anyway, first week they give you a limited selection so you can learn about their variety.  And today was chocolate muffin day. Actually with my really good coffee (the only kind I make now days) it was OK.  On my way back I stopped to wash one of two company cars, the Smart Car.  Only costs $2 to do it at the car wash place.  Benefits of a small car.
Then I come back and set up a small project on Fiverr (well, I guess by definition all Fiverr projects are small... it's only five dollars!).  We can't talk about the project since it is for my sister who is reading this.  Later.. be patient.
And I ran my banking reconciliation for my business again.  Still off by $.04.  Screw it, my bookkeeper can find the 4 cents.  Then out researching my backup product licensing issue.  I need to spend about $1K on new licenses for the 80 or so customers we have who depend on us to maintain their backups.
Then back to the pool.  Damn, the circulating aouto shut off (12 hours on, 12 hours off) shut off just after I kicked on the heat.  So, no heat.  74 degrees is cold.  Scrap the swim idea.  Takes too long to get the pool warm.  Maybe next weekend.
Back to get the second of two cars to wash it and replace the windshield wipers that have basically disintegrated.  It is a Scion, still small but it is a $3 wash.  Then back to vacuum them both out. I feel so virtuous.
Then more Nutrisystem food and Saturday Night Live recorded last night.  Skip through the music as usual and all the commercials and it is about a 45 minute show.  Efficient.
Back at my desk doing bank downloads in Quickbooks to verify we have money to start the week.
And half an hour or so of Dave Chappelle.  Then online to reset a client backup process to change the encryption method, the times that it runs, and the destination (slightly more expensive but way more accessible Amazon Web Service product).
Then some Luis CK.
And an orange.
Is it time for dinner yet?  I'm hungry.

Just another typical weekend day.

So far.

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