I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again


The problem with doing a diet (well.. .one of them) is that your life revolves around it and, like telling someone your dream, it is not very interesting to anyone else.  So you can stop reading now.

I don't eat vegtables.  List the top 10 vegtables you wonder if I eat.   Maybe one of them I actually can tolerate.  Once they have been digested by cows into steak or pigs into chops I'm fine with them.  It is just the predigested versions I don't like.  Kind of puts a crimp in any kind of normal diet.

Nutrisystem does not put broccoli in everything.  Nor mushrooms.  So nearly all of their stuff is OK.  Some of it is excellent.  But they want you to eat vegables to fill up the balance of your food. My one saving grace is the weight watcher's soup.  Dana and I both like it and for some reason the vegtables don't bother me in that form.  So we make tons of it.  And salad.  Other than that I'm out of the veggie pool.

But so far, so good.  Already met my primary diet requirement.  My work shirt is looser now.  I don't feel like the buttons are going to pop off.  I'm down about 4 pounds after a week and a half.  It was more but crept back up as these things tend to do. Back on the bike today kills about 750 calories so I'll add some to the 1500 Nutrisystem allows and still come out ahead.

It is nice not to have to cook.  Other than the soup.  And shopping is so much easier.  All in all I'm thinking three months of this and I'll be ready to return to normal operations, down about 30 or so pounds.

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