I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Cold morning on the bike

2017-05-05 11.45.39.png
I was committed to riding this morning.  Bike out and riding clothes draped over it ready to go.  But for long fingered gloves.  A mistake.  I had put them away for the year thinking it was not going to be cold enough to matter.  It was cold enough today.  Everything else was OK but I was curling my fingers into my palm on top of the handlebars to keep them at least bearable.

After 24 days I'm down 10 pounds.  So I'm movtivated, cold fingers or no.  The Nutri-food is getting a bit old and we don't have the next shipment until next Wednesday.  The downside of having food delivered and ready is that there is invariably some crappy food that just sits.  Next shipment is only stuff we both like so it will be much better.  But for the moment it is a bit challenging and I suspec that I'll end up with some non-Nutri food suplementation over the weekend.  So the 10 pounds might not stick.  But it will continue.  The goal is 44 pounds but I suspect that I'll stop once I get below 200.  I'm fairly happy in the mid '90s.
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