I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

This should be interesting

I've been talking about getting some chickens for a long time.  We have the perfect space for them and I love eggs.

The available coops are either absolutely beautiful and very expensive or made of wood slightly more sturdy than balsa.  One piece of advice I read over and over is to have a coop bigger than you need.  I'm thinking about getting maybe 3 chicks.  What I found that I could buy outright was over $1K.  So I found a build yourself set of plans put together by a woman on the Home Depot site.  The plans are clear, complete and look pretty straightforward.  It does require me to buy a couple of tools.  Damn.

I intend to add covered runs but we've got a fenced in area that they can free range in most of the time.  The runs for when we're not around.

And a bonus.  We're replacing the forward dropcam in our building with an exterior real time camera.  Which frees up a dropcam soon to be renamed "Chickencam".

And, by the way.  I've never even had a conversation with a chicken since overhandling the green one that I got for Easter at probably 4 years old (how things have changed).  I know absolutely nothing about raising them.  So, yeah, the perfect situation.

I'll likely get the chicks soon.  Motivation to get moving on their home.

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