I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

It will work out, but boy am I out of practice

I did fairly well today but it has been 40ish years since I tried my hand at woodwork.  Not since my tech days in the theater have I done so much cutting and joining.

All the angles came out weird.  I bought a miter box but it does not have the angles I needed.  The skill saw I have can do 30 degrees so most of those are OK.  But there were four 60 degree cuts that I actually had to trim to even more oblique.  So the whole thing is not near as cleanly constructed as it should be.  Once I've got the roof and sides on it won't matter.  It will all be underneath.  I'm only about half way.  Lots of painting (hopefully I can get Dana to help with that) and trimming.  But at least it looks like a chicken coop now:

It is quite a bit larger than I thought it would be.  The chicks will be wanting more furniture and pictures to fill it up.  Dana says they already are floating ideas about a swimming pool and a porch swing.  The  latter would, of course, require a porch addon.  Sigh.

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