I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Well tested evening for the chicks

We had thunder and rain and Zoe continually checking  the security.  And the chicks seem to be OK this morning.

They spent much of last night freaked out by the new environment, a thunderstorm with rain making lots of noise on the tin roof, and our dog bumping the sides and clawing at the door.

All that and they stayed safe and warm.  They were running around the whole box for most of the evening so I guess it is warm enough.  At the moment this morning they are huddled together just outside of the heat lamps direct light.  Far as I can see they are warm and dry.  I'll verify later when they have gotten up.

I'm actually kind of proud of the dry part.  Never put on a roof in my life.  Never even played with corregated tin or roofing screws.  But I managed to seal them in OK.

This whole coop thing was such a learning experience.  I'm going to clean up the rough edges of it and then work on building a smaller one on spec to sell.  See how it goes.  It would be fun to make a few bucks making these things.  We are in the perfect place to sell them if I can get a decent design that is efficient to make.

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