I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Fixing a lost opportunity

My elder son, Alex (38 years old now), and I both love Pink Floyd.  One of the opportunities I thought I had lost was to take him to a Pink Floyd concert.  That is being nearly rectified.  Roger Waters is on tour and will be in San Andonio on 1 July.  I wrote my son a note asking if he wanted to go with me (this, by the way, was at my wife's urging taking advantage of the opportunity to duck a concert that didn't really interest her while reaping the credit of giving my son her ticket.. won the perfecta therre) and he said 'sure'.

The airplane tickets are paid (money that I'll forget about soon enough) and he will be here for the weekend.  And we'll see most of Pink Floyd.  Together.

One of those things that could not have worked out better.

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