I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Chicken feed

I read a comment on a chicken site that you could put a square of turf grass in with your chicks so they could eat the sand and baby rocks then pick apart the grass.  Entertainment for all.  Good treakin' finding a place to buy one square of turf.  I gave up after four places.  Not even close.  Now I'm watching along the road where it seems that therre is always on square that has fallen on the side.  So far I haven't found one.

Really I'm just being lazy.  I need to finish the wire and just let them out on the ground.  I was sick yesterday (my excuse) so it didn't get done.  I'll likely do it enough today so I can put them out when it warms up enough and I'm in the shop.  Somehow I'll have to mount the dropcam on a clip so I can easily move it from inside to outside during the day. Today would have been perfect. Sigh.

They are covered with feathers now, more every day.  That is the key to keeping warm so they are doing well.  I'll still keep the heat lamp on at night but I'm unplugging it during the day so they can acclimate to the world.

One of them is a good deal larger and more confident than the other two.  I'm hoping that does not mean it is a he rather than a she.

They (especially the big one) have been kind of pecking at the cone of the heat lamp while it is off.  I've ordered a Xylophone.  They may be prodigies.

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