I stopped to think and forgot to start again (bill_schubert) wrote,
I stopped to think and forgot to start again

Children coming and going and Roger Waters

Just dropped my elder son off at the airport.  We had one of those hugs that fathers and sons have after a lot of life has been lived and it occurs to you both how much the relationship means.  My father and I had that late in his life.  Now here were are again. It is nice and heart rending to live with decisions made more than 30 years ago.  He is an excellent man, husband and father and I'll be seeing him in a couple of months at number 2 son's wedding.  But still was hard to let him go.

We went to see Roger Waters.  It is why I flew him down.  The trip was successful.  Waters was a good show.  The seats we had should not have been sold.  This was in the San Antonio Spurs arena which was not the problem.  But there are parts of the audio/visual equipment that are still hanging down from the center of the ceiling and the view of the screen behind the stage was blocked.  Which in the case of the Waters show is a huge problem.  He's an AV guy and losing the V part was really annoying.  I had expected multiple screen displays but they only had the one and the center third was not visible.  But the show as good and in some places probably as good as ever in Pink Floyd touring. Waters is rabidly anti-Trump and he goes after him for about 45 minutes through two songs.  Pigs and Money.  You get the idea.  He was relentless and the Texas crowd loved it. Very interesting.

I made a tentitive date with Alex to track down David Gilmore (the other half of Pink Floyd) if/when he goes on his last tour.

The object was to see a concert.  The result was seeing my son again.  Fully successful.

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