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Not an anti customer rant.. those usually happen just in my head.  Today was actually a good customer day.  Everyone was nice and appreciative even whey they might not have been.  Best of the day was the guy that left off a computer that he had recently picked up from a competitor after having paid them $135.  He didn't know what they did but it was not fixed.  
He actually had a couple of very easy problems such as having the default font in Word be white.  "Word isn't working right and I can't figure it out" .. that kind of thing.  Piece of cake.  I had already decided not to even charge him since he paid someone already and it would make a great story for him to tell about us.

As he was leaving, though, he backed into a tree in front of our store.  He called later.  $5700 damage.  He was VERY quick to say that it was not our fault.  I kind of think it was partially our fault for not blocking between parking and trees.  But I didn't say that to him.  Hopefully his insurance company won't decide that it is our fault.  

I DID go out and buy 4 railroad ties so that anyone backing up towards the tree now will connect with the tie first.  My cost $40.

Dana gave him back his PC.  He really wanted to pay.  She said that she was the wife, she was in charge, and she was going to charge him double next time so don't worry about it.

Just another typical interesting daily piece of our little empire.

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