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Here for another Saturday at the moment waiting for a server to reboot. I've already gone on site with one customer and added a pair of 1TB data drives.  Now I'm remoted into another server trying to get it updated.  
As much as I'd like to lay around or do other things on the 6th day of the week, it is the best time to work on some customers.  Playing around with a server when no one is online is a lot less stressful.  Worst case today would be that there is a problem I need to continue working on through the weekend.  But at least I have that opportunity rather than having the customer losing work time.  
This particular client pays us an ongoing service fee for maintenance so it is worth doing a little weekend work for the steady and reliable income.
And, as I'm typing this, the server I just rebooted remotely is hung up.  So I'm going to have to go on site.  Think it is an attached drive that for some reason the server thinks it should boot to rather than the internal.  Easy, but pain in the neck fix.  Fortunately the server is a short drive away.  And I'm going to figure out another plan for that drive.  I use it for back ups but if the damn thing keeps the reboot from working then it has to go.
Off to the client.

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