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Happens to me a lot

I'll be really annoyed in my head at someone ranting right along and then.. .

For instance yesterday I was at my BNI meeting (Business Network International.. referral network, very structured, have to be there EVERY week, etc) and noted again that one of our members wasn't there.  He had called me a couple of weeks ago saying he had some bad acid reflux issues and was going to have a hard time making meetings.  I quoted the standard SOP that everyone was obligated to make the meetings or get a substitute.  He pointed out that some chapters bent the rules and I said I'd ask the other members on the membership committee but I was going to recommend against a change from the rules.  We left it at that.  But I still gnawed at that a lot.
He wasn't at the meeting yesterday and that kind of annoyed me.  I'm paying to have all these people attend.  If I can make it they should be able to.  Anyway, after a day of growling away in my head, I wrote the president of the chapter a note saying that maybe he should give the member a call and see about encouraging him to attend or arrange a two month medical absence.
Got a call back a while ago.  The guy was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  Testing will tell if he has to be flown to Dallas for higher end treatment but he's hospitalized for a while regardless.

I damn near heard the brakes screeching in my head as I weighed my annoyance at his not being there vs his possible terminal cancer.

Seems to happen to me a lot.  I'm so wrapped up in the middle of the tornado of small business and my life.. 

One of my all time favorite quotes:
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

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