What's up with the Brits?

Last night I brought up Acorn TV thinking I'd catch something in the OK realm and found 'The Commander' and finished Series 1, mercifully only two segments so I could go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Then tonight I thought I'd knock out something that looked a bit like drivel.  Watch a few minutes and then feel good about junking it and reading my book.  The series is on Netflix and called 'Sex Education'.  Sounded rather dumb, easy to turn off after a few minutes.

Now I'm six chapters into a unique story, or series of stories, with outstanding acting and only a little of the start a bit of drama and wrap it up in one Episode.  I'm not coronating this as the best thing I've ever seen but it is REALLY hard to not bring up the next episode.

I need some crappy American TV to wean me away from the tube.


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