I struggle most days to find anything realistically positive in the news.  News is, by definition, conflict.  But having gone in my lifetime from a thrice daily update (Winston-Salem had a Journal newspaper in the morning and the Sentinal in the afternoon and, of course Huntley/Brinkley) it seems increasingly relentless with all of the avenues available to bludgeon my senses.  And that does not include Facebook, which I dropped years ago, and Twitter, which I cleared out of anything political after the election.  I don't even have to try very hard to be up to the second on what is  happening in the world.  

Generally I would classify myself as an optimist though.  So when I saw the pictorial essay yesterday in the New York Times I really felt hopeful.

Not since the 70's have I felt more strongly that this time for a change and I see in these faces the potential for a groundswell of something entirely new.  And I'm hopeful.  

White men had a couple of hundred years.  Next.


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