texasts said something about it and it was on my Netflix 'to view' list.  I began at about 8 last night.  Stopped at midnight and picked it up again this morning finishing before Zoe, my dog and resident shadow, got into a really big whine about NEEDING a walk.

It is a thoroughbred horse opera.  The story is not perfect, always a plot hole here and there in these, but it is a jig saw puzzle neatly pieced together over 6 hours that is just wonderful.  I loved the acting, I loved (as in I WILL NEVER LIVE THERE) the location.  Nearly had to wear a neckerchief to keep the dust out of my mouth (the actors have to have had respiratory therapy after filming that).  Lots of lead flying and missing body parts and just realistic enough to remind me that I like it in this century just fine.  And beautiful horses.  And bad guys and good guys (actually named Roy Goode) and a little symbolism here and there most of which I'm sure went over my head.  And beautiful scenery.

All in all a fun time at the OK corral.

I'm increasingly becoming a fan of the limited series format.  It gives the story teller  a larger canvass than a movie and does not require reinvention of every plot line ever on TV to keep a series going.  If I want more at the end it is just right.  The Brits, especially, do it well. 


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