Really retired now

I looked back and discovered that I'd not posted anything here since February.  Not written much at all.  Not maintained a daily writing habit.

A lot of energy (mostly emotional) has gone into selling a building we own which has tied up our finances in a major way for a couple of years.  A lot of energy (emotional, physical and intellectual) has gone into maintaining an interaction with the company that absorbed mine a couple of years back.  Since they were paying me as part of the acquisition agreement  I felt obligated to stay involved.  Frankly the owner of the business is a colossal mess and completely unfit to run a small business and has driven the business into the ground so that they could no longer afford to pay me.  This I found out when she sent me an email while I was in the hospital for total knee replacement saying that my paycheck draw had been terminated and hope that would not be too much of a problem for me.  Have a nice day.

We're still absorbing that change in all aspects.  Financially it is a problem but I've got a couple of solutions on the fire that will likely fix that part of the problem.  Then there is the emotional part of death.  Anger, denial... etc.  I still have to be somewhat nice to them as I own 3% of the company (divestment draw down being one of those solutions on the fire).  If that pans out as it should we'll be in decent shape for the foreseeable future which, at 66 years of age, is something like 20 years.

At the moment the financial vice is closing rapidly and all kinds of bad stuff is on the horizon but we have a close date on the building, a time of the morning set and all looks well to get enough money out of the sale to be able to pay off everything but our current house mortgage and put us in a position that we can budget our way through daily life.

So much complexity involved in all of the above.  So much that may be resolved in two fell swoops, the first with the building closing, the second with some kind of legal settled divestment plan the result of which is my communicative separation from the company with which I'm partnered.

And now I've got a day with really nothing to do.  The U.S. Open tennis tournament which gave me something interesting to do while propping my new knee up is over.  And no one needs me for anything today.  I've walked the dog so she's good for now.  The cats are... well, cats.  My wife is at an appointment for the morning.

I'm truly at a standstill.  On the horizon I've set up a temp volunteer job helping with the center for child protection system giving legal presence to foster care children but that gig won't start until I tell them I'm ready and my knee is better.  I've really put them off until next month.

When I was running the small business, a computer repair shop, I found that there is nothing louder to a small business than the phones not ringing.  I feel like that a bit now.  Fortunately I've got a blank canvass and a keyboard so time is something useful.


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