Around the block on my bicycle

At the physical therapist today and after doing a number of different things got my knee bend to 120 degrees which is a total knee replacement milestone.  The next one is 130 degrees which is considered fully recovered.

120 degrees gets me back my bicycle.  I think my road bike might still be a bit much.  I can't manipulate the seat height on it without screwing up all kinds of other dynamics which would screw up other joints.  But my trail bike is another story.  It is more upright and I can and did raise the seat enough that I could ride on it.  Every other cycle of the pedals brought a bit of a twinge on my new knee but my PT says that I'm beyond worrying about building up swelling in the knee (which is what causes the limited motion) and now motion creates the circulation which gets the blood flowing and moves the swelling out.  I translated that into 'you need to do some gentle biking to get the circulation going'.  Never verified that but we're in a perfect rehab neighborhood.  Flat streets at least right around our house and 25MPH which means most people keep it under 40.  I can tool around the neighborhood like one of those beach people nice and easy and just enjoy the movement while keeping the knee loosened and increasing the circulation.  

Once we get to 125 or so I can get on my road bike and begin the real rehab.

Banner day in general.  Now to ice the knee and watch some more 'Carnival Row'.  

This retirement stuff is HARD.


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