SS arrives

For 66 years I've heard about social security and as of today I'm a recipient.  The upshot is I put money in the bank for most of my life (the bank being maintained by the government) and now I'm beginning to withdraw from the proceeds.  Nearly 45 years of saving money that way buys me a check per month to complement my Navy pension and health care through my Medicare account into which I also paid for all those years to complement my Navy Tricare for Life.

I say all of the above to train my brain to stop thinking that I'm getting something for nothing.  A mental tape so deeply ingrained in my head.  Must work to earn money.  But I got over it with my Navy pension and health care so I'll get over it with SS also.  Just a weird feeling.

My knee is doing well but I'm losing much of two days of rehab having acquired a mobile EKG recorder for 48 hours.  My heart does an atrial fibrillation thing that looks a lot like part of my heart is ADHD and part is not and they are out of sync.  Story of my life.  My heart, meanwhile, is in great shape.  Hours and days and years of walking and cycling paying off.  Just still following that different drummer.  

So I get to hang out with EKG leads taped to me for two days to record what I already know (I've got an app, Kardia, for that).  During the two days I can't sweat or shower or anything else to short out the electronics.  So, no bike, no PT, not much of anything.  With 90+ degree weather sitting outside is hazardous.

 The upshot is they will likely not do anything for the Afib condition but will do something to thin my blood (yuck) to lower the possibility of stroke.  I've not seen how having an Afib issue with my heart results in blood clots in my arteries nor do I know which of the many treatments I'll be on.  Questions for the EKG results discussion.  

I'm now likely a candidate for the Eliquis vs Warfren commercial.  I always felt sorry for Warfren.  Bad mouthed all the time by Eliquis, the new kid on the block.  Possibly I might have something else.  But there will be something that is annoying, has side effects and only has the fact that it is better than a stroke going for it.  But I guess that is enough.

Onward into another quiet day.  I think probably grocery shopping will be the highlight.  


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