Sick for a day

Every once in a while, maybe once a year, I'll get sick for a day.  Flu-lite.  All the symptoms of the flu, ie — muscle sore, uti kind of symptoms, feeling like crap, but none of the longevity.  When I ran my own business I'd just ignore it, put up with it unless/until it got worse.  Or better.

It has been a while since this has happened but night before last I started feeling cold and had painful urination and started feeling that joint soreness that comes with something bad going on.  Since I had my middle of the night fever that sent me to the hospital last year I'm a bit more careful about how I feel.  Ignoring illness work for me for 60 or so years but apparently it is now a little dangerous to not do something when I feel bad.  The good news was I didn't have a temperature.  Had that spiked I'd have gone to the 24 hour care joint.  I was checking my temp every time I got up but it was stable. 

I had a cardiologist appointment or I'd have just gone to bed all day.   But rather than cancel I soldiered through, finished, and came back home to an excellent nap during which I started to feel better.  By last night I was 90 percent back and this morning I'm fine.

My flu shot was nearly a week ago so I find it hard to believe that had anything to do with it.  The reaction to flu shots are not really what I was feeling and happen within a couple of days.

I've got no explanation but am glad it is a transitory event.  


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