Paralysis by analysis

I've got some money in an IRA and have planted it in TD Ameritrade after comparing the choices and meeting with a rep there.  My intent was to put together a pie chart of a portfolio, buy the different products and track them and make a few bucks over a 10 year horizon.

Whew, the theory is fine and I did something similar when I was with Prudential and had the initial 401k in their system but I became quickly overwhelmed.  Were I 25 it would be easy.  Buy an index S&P and a few side items and forget I had the money at all.  40 years later, presto.

But with a 10 year horizon, just long enough to need some growth (the likelihood of Dana and me living for another 20 years is pretty good) and therefore some risk, it is far more complex.  So after a week of analyzing the situation I bailed and wrote my TD Ameritrade contact and asked what his managing the money would cost.  

Hopefully I'll be able to learn enough so I'll not need to pay him forever.  Much as I hate giving up a percentage I'm guessing it is the right thing to do.



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