In September 1971 I was on the quad of Nasson College in Maine doing what I was supposed to be doing at 18 years old, playing Frisbee.  There were maybe 10 of us spread out in a shifting circle enjoying life before cell phones.

The sun went down in that late afternoon and something happened I don't remember feeling before.  The air nearly snapped cold in a moment.  No wind, no change other than the disappearance of the warming sun.  But the air radically changed. It was a startling event.  One minute the day was sunny and comfortable, the next I realized it was a long ways back to my room and my warm coat.  It was my first lesson in Maine's unforgiving weather.

School in Maine revolved around such weather events and I loved every minute of it, even the miserable ones. 

Last night in Texas the cold front came through.  I was sitting on the back porch (no one around with a Frisbee and I was immersed in something on my phone) when I heard the first splats of rain.  The wind picked up and the cool moved in.  Since then the wind has been blowing and it is cool.  Likely sometime in the all too few months before the temperature returns to triple digits it will be truly cold.  

But the air will never snap and the snow will not fall.


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