A week or so ago I ran across a recipe from kk1raven that she had found:

"Today I found an old, yellowed piece of folded-in-half paper on my kitchen floor. .... but my guess is that it came from the newspaper over 40 years ago."

I thought it would be fun to try it.  

OK, I thought it would be tasty to try it.  I've seldom met a carb with sugar and orange zest that I didn't like.

Yesterday I finally got around to making it:

On the left, as listed in the recipe.  On the right as I changed it some.
On the left, as listed in the recipe. On the right as I changed it some.

I love an excuse to add pecans to anything so I did add pecans toasting them (which means burning one batch of pecans, then remembering to watch them and getting them right the second time... always happens).

On the left is pretty much as the recipe said to make them.  I had tossed the pecans on top halfway through cooking then poured the 'syrup' over top.  On the right, I put pecans in the pan, added the syrup and then put the raw rolls on top of that and cooked it all at once.  That way seemed to work better.

The syrup was very thin but reduced when in the oven.

These are not really sweet nor are they very 'orangy'.  But they are good.  And the addition of oatmeal gives a very different texture than store bought.

I'm a subscriber to America's Test Kitchen and they have something called 'overnight sticky buns' that I'm going to try.  Much more complicated recipe.

Funny thing is I really want one bun when I'm finished and my wife is trying to lose weight so she gets annoyed at my baking.  

I need to work out a deal with the kids next door.

This was fun.  Thanks, kk1raven !


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