I feel so accomplished

Two days ago I took care of something I've needed to do for a long time.  I'd replaced our 20 year old smoker with a new one.  The old one had a base that had rusted through so it was not something I could give to anyone.  But it was fairly large.  One of those that had fire on one end and a large area to cook ribs, etc on the other.  And heavy duty iron.  And it was sitting on the sidewalk out front where my wife had rolled it hoping someone would take it.  Over a month ago.  It had been weighing on my mind trying to figure out what to do with it.  Life is harder without a pickup.

I rolled it up to the top of our driveway and spent about 15 wasted minutes with a large hammer trying to make any kind of progress breaking it apart.  Zip.  Then I rummaged round my tools and found that I had a metal cutting saw blade for my skill saw.  Eye protection and hearing protection engaged.  And damn if the metal didn't cut.  I really thought it was going to be too heavy duty to be sawed up but I cut the cylinder into four pieces and cut off the legs and the smoke stack.  All manageable now I'll add a couple of pieces to each week's trash until it is gone.  

And then yesterday I took on the task of moving our junk (AKA, my wife's prized possessions) including 4 boxes of CD's that are pretty useless without a CD player from a 10x20 storage 15 minutes away to a 10x10 storage across the street that cost $45 less month.  It took a Home Depot van and three runs (including two to Goodwill!!! ) and most of the day but it is done and now is close enough to be useful.  Even my dog, Zoe, was exhausted last night.

So today I'm doing almost nothing.  And am good at it.


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