Dog lost and found - finally a use for FB

We're taking care of in laws dog while they are in Jamaica for Thanksgiving.  The dog is an overgrown, chunky chihuahua and we've known her for years.  She's OK.  Not much trouble and only barks when she's defending us from lightning and thunder (and she's done very well with that.. we've not been hit once while she's protecting us).  

But she has one unforgivable attribute.  She likes to get out of containment and wander away.  Like she did yesterday.  She found a hole in the fence somewhere and vanished for about two and a half hours.  

I picked her up half a mile from us trotting down the sidewalk.  The way I knew about where she was (after having driven and ridden my bike and walked all over the place) was a tip from a neighbor who had seen an alert on Facebook.

When, shortly after returning home from whatever she was doing before I told her the dog had escaped, my wife saw our across the street neighbor she ran over to tell that we had an escapee and to see if she'd seen anything.  She had not but offered to put an alert on the neighborhood Facebook group.  Turns out there is one.  By invitation only so it is fairly closed.  And damn if we didn't have neighbors looking out for the miscreant (the dog, not my wife).  One of them called my wife's phone and said there had been a sighting.  Another, near by the first, said there had been a second and told us where.  I hopped in the car and drove a couple of streets down and there she was.  There were a couple of guys in a car who had obviously tried to pick up the stray dog as she was kind of trotting away from them.  She then saw me and decided I was a better choice and it was time to go home anyway.

So half a dozen directly involved neighbors and who knows how many at least looking out of their windows helped solve the case.  It was a nice neighborhood event that ended well and my first real experience with a use for FB.  Fortunately my wife is in the group now so I don't have to be.


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